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Dodecahedron Loudspeaker D12A
Active Omnidirectional Source


  • Applications requiring a spherical sound field
  • Architectural and Building Acoustics
  • Airborne Sound Insulation
  • Reverberation Time
  • Impact Sound Level


  • Active unit, with built in amplifier and DSP
  • 433,92 MHz RF Remote Controls the D12A and an optional subwoofer (Remote Control Included)
  • Very light unit, not exceeding 7,00 Kg
  • 650 Watts RMS power
  • Sound Power Level 122dB re 1pW
  • Complies with ISO140/3 - ISO717 - ISO 3382 - ISO 16283
  • Satisfies EN60068-1-2
  • Easily transportable due to low weight/mass
  • Ultra compact, 335mm diameter, upper-vertex configuration

Introduced in February 2008 as the the first active dodecahedron available on the market it has been upgraded in different aspects becoming one of the most advanced and flexible systems in the category. The D12A includes in an extremely compact enclosure 12 extended frequency response speakers, an universally compatible PSU, a 650W amplifier module, a 2 IN / 4 OUT DSP and a 433,92 HCS Rx module for remote control of both the Dodecahedron and an optional subwoofer. Exhibiting an unusually flat frequency response the D12A outperforms most passive dodecahedrons. Paired with different accessories it is in fact a flexible and versatile tool for the sound engineer that must perform measurements with numerous devices such as separate amplifiers, DSP controllers, flight cases and much more.

The D12A carries anything inside its cabinet. Combined with a trolley a sound engineer carries almost anything he needs in terms of acoustic energy source. Usable also with an IPod® hundreds of different signals at various levels can be reproduced by activating remotely the D12A. The remote control can also activate a separate subwoofer for extended low frequency performance. Power Factor Correction (PFC): for worldwide operation, easy and error proof connection to mains voltage allows worldwide compatibility for the engineer that operates at an international level.

The D12A has been designed in order to maintain the speakers as close possible, therefore polar diagrams are particularly smooth even at very high frequencies. The D12A satisfies and exceeds the ISO3382 - ISO140/3 norms and satisfies harsh environmental conditions (EN60068-1-2). The D12A provides an AC Neutrik® Powercon® Input & Output connector as well as balanced Neutrik® XLR Input & Output sockets.


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