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Low Frequency Horn H718
High Power Low Frequency Loudspeaker


  • Clubs and dance halls
  • Installed high power system
  • Portable rental systems


  • Leading-edge LF Horn Loading Configuration developed by Lange Loudspeakers back in 1992
  • Highly efficient system
  • Compact design
  • Specifically taylored 18" driver with ND magnet
  • Solid 18mm Finnish birch
  • Optional wheels, front grille and pole mount adapter

The H718 consists of a combination of hyperbolic / Tractrix horn flare coupled to a high power 18” ND driver. The back side of the driver is enclosed in a sealed box that helps reducing the excursion of the diaphragm and contributes to the overall output the system can achieve. This single 18 " renowned Horn design is an evolution of a highly appreciated loading technique developed back in 1992 by Delta Loudspeakers.

The H718 integrates a 1,3 metres long horn with a mouth area of 3750 cm2 allowing optimum coupling to the air. The cabinet delivers the maximum possible performance of the driver used conserving a remarkable compactness for a highly flexible application requiring less transport costs. The high excursion yet high magnetic induction driver has been extensively studied in order to obtain an optimal thermal performance under high power conditions.

Special Voice Coil winding techniques as well as carefully selected adhesives also contribute to the high power this system can handle. Internal bracing give the cabinet the robustness needed for years of dependable service. Built with the highest quality 18mm Finnish Birch the cabinet is precisely assembled, glued and pressed together for maximum strength. Black spattered textured finish further improve the robustness of the cabinet during the day after day, year after year service.


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