Revised Arc Sources introduced
Compact, efficient and useful!

Revised in its overall design the G50 Series of Arc Sources is offered in two different configurations allowing a better integration into areas that require high fidelity music or speech reproduction. The G50-A2 achieves 55° vertical coverage while the more compact G50-A3 is configured as a 35° vertically radiating source.

Introduced back in 2003 and modernized during the past different times the G50 Arc Sources consist of multiple specifically designed drivers, arranged on a radial line. It should be noted that common Line Arrays have just one correct arrangement that is dependent on the relation between the curvature angle of each module and the shape of the waves that emerge from the HF areas. Since every line array module is identical, optimum coupling can be achieved only by radial shaped configurations. Real flat wave generators perform best into zero degrees position and phase cancellation effects appear into one degree position, increasing by augmenting the curvature angle. The total absence of gaps between the multiple phase plugs gives consistent advantages in the high frequency domain (JAES V52-5 pg. 467, Mark Ureda - Northrop Grumman).

The G50-A2 has multiple phase plugs arranged as a virtual point source, where the vertex is some meters away from the speaker. Every phase plug generates a slight phase shift which is indispensable for minimum vertical coverage. Every phase plug is coupled directly to the next one, thus reducing phase shifts virtually to zero. If compared to similarly designed systems on the market the G50-A2 and G50-A3 have consistent advantages in terms of phase coherence as well as radiation angle stability. For instance the G50-A2 includes 24 individual transducers that are designed to couple together on a 72 cm tall arc. This tightly packaged group of well-engineered components allows acoustic architects to design both two channel DSP integration up to 24 individual DSP channel management.

Close attention has been dedicated to the physical position of each radiating area. Optimal horizontal radiation behavior has been achieved by placing the MF speakers as close as possible to the HF output area. Interference between MF drivers and HF drivers has been reduced to negligible levels.

Revised in its structural design and his technical detail the G50-A2 and the more compact G50-A3 are between the most complex and faithful speakers on the professional loudspeaker market. The acoustic result has noticeable advantages especially if the Arc Sources are used in conjunction with our Low Frequency Horns.

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