Philharmonie De Paris
D12A used with IRIS to commission the Philharmonie De Paris

The D12A dodecahedron loudspeaker from Lange Loudspeakers was recently used with the IRIS room acoustics measurement system to commission the newly opened Philharmonie de Paris, a 2,400 seat multi-purpose concert hall designed by Jean Nouvel.
The acoustic designers of the hall, Marshall Day Acoustics, also developed the innovative IRIS system. IRIS is a powerful and user friendly system for measuring and analyzing room impulse responses in 3-D. In addition to a conventional room acoustics analysis, IRIS provides intuitive and interactive visualizations of the acoustic data which enables practitioners to easily relate the architecture and geometry of a space to how it sounds.
The team at Marshall Day are very impressed with the performance of the D12A. Our small yet powerful D12A effortlessly excited the 30,500 cubic metre volume of the Philharmonie de Paris for over 50 sweep measurements, with very low harmonic distortion and excellent linearity. The D12A can be seen in a photo shared on the Philharmonie de Paris’ Facebook page, which was set up for an occupied measurement.

Link to IRIS News - Philharmonie

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