Three way MHF horn released
A very compact 3 way MHF horn loudspeaker

The 1531 Horn Loudspeaker is based on a three way concept including a custom designed LF horn section design developed in 1992 by Lange Loudspeakers. The 12" LF Horn section has a natural frequency extension capability with minimal resonances due to the absence of a compression chamber. Critical mid frequencies are reproduced by a horn coupled to an 8” driver and proprietary concentric phase plug. High frequencies are reproduced by a 76 mm coil/dome high frequency driver developed and made by Lange Loudspeakers in Switzerland.

Intended primarily for dance halls and mid-sized installations the 1531 delivers outstanding sound quality. The 1531 is best used together with our H718, H721 or B218 subwoofers. Close attention has been dedicated to the geometry and position of the interacting horns. Radiating areas have been placed as close as possible in order to interact in a constructive form. Cabinet size has been reduced as much as possible. The frontal area of the loudspeaker can be considered completely radiating and occupied by tree horn mouths.

The 1531 has been designed primarily in order to offer better performance down to 90 Hz. If compared to our 9910 Horn the 1531 includes a specific horn, derived from our H718 design, intended to cover frequencies from 90 Hz up. The folded horn offers high sensitivity over a broad frequency spectrum. The system offers noticeable advantages in terms of controlled coverage, low harmonic distortion and remarkable dynamic range. The three way design also contributes to a better power distribution between 90 Hz & 18,5 KHz and improves coverage stability over the audience.

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