Lange Products - Red Square, Moscow
We are proud to have our products in such a significant place, nearby the Kremlin. For the sixth military sport forum twenty L208 Line Arrays served the square coupled to eight 24" subwoofers. The vision for the job was clear from the project's onset: to create a flexible venue that would put Red Square on the world map of entertainment. Provided by Moscow-based Art Audio LLC, the system is a multi-faceted design that creates natural imaging sound source. Each Lange L208 array is equipped with a customized wave guide designed to extend as much as possible the upper frequency response of the high frequency drivers. The 24" subwoofers add the emotional fundament often missed in similar events. Art Audio's managing director, Ilya Vedishchev agrees, "We will only sell and use a product we believe in one hundred percent. The Lange Sound system provides a truly neutral, uncolored sound that is perfect for both speech and musical presentations".
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