Sales Development Manager - Brazil
We welcome Mr. Thiago Catelan as new Sales Development Manager in Brazil for Lange Loudspeakers Ltd. Mr. Thiago Catelan previously handled major Pro-Audio account sales in the territory of Brazil, focusing particularly in the area of Goiania, a stable Brazilian region nearby The Brazilian capital Brasilia. After our recent opening of an administrative office also in Goiania, the timing is perfect for Mr. Catelan to take on new responsibilities and challenges, being already very well introduced in the industry and we’re excited to have him as our partner in this constantly developing region. Mr. Thiago Catelan will be responsible for all Lange Loudspeakers operations in Brazil and he will benefit by all the necessary support from our Swiss Head Quarters. Please refer to the following address for further information; Lange Loudspeakers Ltda. Brazil Subsidiary Avenida Tropical - Quadra 23, Lote 03 Bairro Jardim Tropical - Aparecida de Goiania 7493 4706 GO - Brazil Telefone comercial; 0055 (62) 8112 0040 Telefone movil; 0055 (62) 7813 0160
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