10 feb 2017

Revised Arc Sources introduced

Compact, efficient and useful!

18 feb 2015

Philharmonie De Paris

D12A used with IRIS to commission the Philharmonie De Paris

13 feb 2015

High Power LF Horn released

High power horn subwoofer with 21" woofer / 6" coil

10 feb 2015

Two Way MHF horn released

A very compact 2 way horn loudspeaker

9 feb 2015

Three way MHF horn released

A very compact 3 way MHF horn loudspeaker

14 nov 2014

High power MHF Horn released

The 1481-8A Horn Loudspeaker includes four 8” mid frequency drivers with 75 mm voice coil and one 1” ND High Frequency driver with 76mm voice coil. It is a very powerful unit radiating...

30 ott 2014

High Frequency Drivers Announced

Our products will soon be autographed with our own high frequency drivers!

4 ott 2014

04.10.2014 - New Web Page Online

After 7 years we decided to finally redesign our web page in a more contemporary style. The new page should allow visitors to have a more immediate view of our product range and...

25 apr 2014

Acoustical consultancy provided in our area

We are pleased to announce that Lange Loudspeakers will offer acoustical consultancy services in our area in the architectural domain as well as in noise control and assessment. We will place...

3 gen 2014

New Year's Day

New year's day has been attracting a big crowd in Lugano - Piazza delle Riforma. TSSA SA provided 12 x B218 and 24 L208 line arrays for the event.

14 dic 2013

Great success for Espérance in Music 2013

Serving in different venues around the world our L208 still reserves emotions. Despite it has been introduced 7 years ago, its simplicity and integrity keeps up with time and technological advances...

20 ott 2013

Why do we not provide loudspeaker GLL data?

The link below shows why we prefer not to provide simulation software for our speakers.Check this out, interesting stuff! It shows how to increase by 13,5 dB the output of a loudspeaker by just...

25 ago 2013

Redesigned Arc Defining Wave Guides

New wave guides will be introduced for our V2 speakers. The new devices define an arc shaped wave front instead of four lines. The new wave guide will face 4 HF drivers and will emit a coherent...

3 ago 2013

Cohesive Wavefront - G50 & L208

The skating rink of HC-Ambrì is an old venue with an honorable history in the ice hockey domain. With a 7500 people capacity the venue has a complex acoustical behavior. A Lange Loudspeakers...

21 lug 2013

Delta Loudspeakers, the Domain and Mark come Back!

The domain deltaloudspeakers.com points to Lange Loudspeakers's web pages since the 21.07.2013. After different years of non-sense and disputes the domain belongs again to its original founder and...

15 giu 2013

Progetto Amore 2013

Umberto Tozzi, Riccardo Fogli, Enzo Iacchetti and many more have been present at the fifth edition of Progetto Amore. We are proud to have been directly responsible for the final audio quality...

11 giu 2013

Tecnoshow SA goes L208 & B218

A new system has been sold to a well known rental company in southern Switzerland. Tecnoshow SA has decided to purchase 24 x L208 Line Array Modules paired to 12 x B218, double 18" subwoofers. The...

25 apr 2013

D12A - More Coherent Frequency Response

During the last months our D12A has been revised under different aspects allowing the D12A to become one of the most flexible and advanced systems in the category. Thanks to the presence of an...

5 apr 2013

D12A - Better Thermal Dissipation

The D12A product has been revised in order to achieve a better thermal dissipation and an even more ordered inner architecture. A ten millimetres aluminum structure dissipates thermal energy in an...

15 ott 2012

D12A – 433,92 MHz RF remote control

We are pleased to announce that our D12A active dodecahedron will include also an RF remote control. ...

12 ott 2012

Sales Development Manager - Brazil

We welcome Mr. Thiago Catelan as new Sales Development Manager in Brazil for Lange Loudspeakers Ltd. ...

23 set 2012

Arena meets Alexandra Stan

The popularity of Arena Live in Mendrisio simply grows up. Meeting Alexandra Stan soon saw it worthy of developing into a standalone event in the Swiss area. This year’s dance nights boast an...

22 set 2012

Lack of creativity...Ars Pro!

The company that clones JBL product line, EAW, ARX and copies our full text including company name on their web pages... http://www.ars-pro.com/ shame on this company!

12 ago 2012

Nova sede operacional no Brasil

Criámos um novo escritório no Estado de Goiânia GO, Brasil. Nós já começamos a distribuir bobinas para alto-falantes feitos na Europa, especificamente projetados para ser extremamente robusto e...

12 ago 2012

Loudspeaker Replacement Parts Supply

We have been frequently asked to supply loudspeaker parts and re-cone kits for previously released products such as Delta Loudspeakers. We can supply loudspeaker parts such as custom designed voice...

12 lug 2012

UHF Wireless Option for D12A

A wireless option is offered for the D12A measurement loudspeaker. This option allows sending signal generated by your test equipment directly to the D12A throughout a theatre, building or venue....

2 giu 2012

New Accessories for D12/D12A

A new transport bag/trolley has been added to the accessories dedicated to the D12/D12A measurement speakers. The new item is more compact, ligther and offers numerous advantages including a better...

3 mag 2012

V224 Last Units Delivered

The last, double 24" Subwoofer systems have been delivered. The systems will be soon replaced by multiple driver systems, wearing the same Sd area. The V224 series production has discontinued.

18 set 2011

Music Moscow 2011

Lange Loudspeaker has been present with the largest line array in production, the L212. Sixteen units paired to 24" horn loaded subwoofers delivered impressive performance. We thank our partner Art...

24 gen 2011

Lightest Dodecahedron in the industry!

The Lange Loudspeakers D12 and D12A dodecahedrons have been revised again and a significand weight reduction has been achieved. The passive version weights 4,95 Kg while the self powered Dodecahedron...

22 mag 2010

Lange Products - Red Square, Moscow

We are proud to have our products in such a significant place, nearby the Kremlin. For the sixth military sport forum twenty L208 Line Arrays served the square coupled to eight 24" subwoofers. The...

31 mar 2010

P Range Speakers available again

We are pleased to re-introduce the P Range of speakers. Available in 8"/1", 10"/1", 12"/1" and 15"/1,4" those cabinets are perfect examples of how technology, good reproduction and affordable service...

25 set 2009

Music Moscow 2009

Lange Loudspeakers products are exhibited at Music Moscow 2009, the major Russian exhibition in the field. Lange Loudspeakers Line Arrays are our most popular product in Russia. Usually paired with...

14 set 2009

Line Array on tour

Moscow, 12th September 2009 - delivering a warm and powerful sound the Lange Loudspeakers L208 line array did not need any compensation on the high frequency domain. Just because the wave guides we...

6 lug 2009

Fifth International Boat & Yacht Festival

Wealthy Russian people who haven't felt the pinch of the global economic crisis just yet are showing off their luxurious boats at the Moscow Yacht Festival, which, in terms of audience appeal, is...

15 feb 2009

Dance Stack in Moscow

The event counted on the support of Art Audio, our distributor for the Russian area. Art Audio provided 20 x L208 line array modules in straight line, 8 x B218 subwoofers coupled to 8 x 24" horn...

19 dic 2008

Line Array in Riga

Crystal Club in Riga, Latvia has recently opened the doors. A luxurious club in every sense the grand opening reserved many surprises including a live performance by SNAP. We provided 16 x L208 as...

18 ott 2008

Cult Club in Lugano

Cult club for more than one generation in Lugano - Switzerland. After one year Morandi is returned to be what it was in the past: a place for the great ones, a place in pure disco style.

13 ott 2008

V221 Upgraded

The V221 has been upgraded and wears now a modern Neodymium LF driver. The new driver works with a massive 6" (156mm) voice coil. It allows higher output with less power need. The performance is...

9 ott 2008

Music Moscow 2008

Music Moscow 2008, the largest exhibition in Russia and CIS and the third on size in the world among exhibitions on which musical instruments , professional sound, light, radio-and film-equipment,...

4 ott 2008

New Floor Monitor added

Lange Loudspeakers introduced a new, coaxial 15"/1,4 inch floor monitor with some interesting feautures such as different cabinet alignment choices including sealed operation, reflex and step down...

14 lug 2008

Russia confirms a 3 year agreement

Our Russian distributor Art Audio LLC confirms a 3 year agreement as sole distributor for Russia. We are proud to appoint them as our distributor and thank all the Russian staff for their continuous...

24 mar 2008

Account Number Reduction

To all our customers, providers and business partners ...

16 mar 2008

ProLight 2008

The L208 line array and our B218 subwoofer are at the leading edge of our professional loudspeaker system range. ...

1 feb 2008

Self Powered Dodecahedron launched

The Lange Loudspeakers Ltd. D12A becomes one of the first commercially available "self powered dodecahedrons" on the market. Engineers will benefit from less equipment to carry around, less time...

16 nov 2007

Pascia - New installation

Pascia is a new reality in the Ticino area. Managed by one of the most professional teams in the field the venue relies on Lange Loudspeaker's products. We thank Tito, Carolo for their professionality...

8 ott 2007

Lange Loudspeakers - Music Moscow 2007

The first fair was organized in 1996 and since then, it has been the largest exhibition of music instruments, professional audio and lighting equipment and technologies in Russia and surrounding...

24 set 2007

Lange Loudspeakers - Swiss engineering - Italian heart

High quality standards, an eye on tradition, FaitalPRO power drivers ...

22 ago 2007

Installation in Russia

Maloyaroslavets is a town in Kaluga Oblast, Russia, located 121 km southwest of Moscow and 61 km northeast of Kaluga. Lange Loudspeakers is becoming competitive even within the diffuse sound field...

8 ago 2007

P Range at JAPEX

August 8th until 12th 2007 - The largest Pro Audio Exhibition in Indonesia including: pro audio equipment, pro Lighting, musical instruments as well as DJ equipment. La Mesa decided to exhibit our...

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