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Research and development

Fine tuning and critical decisions relative to the performance of our speakers are made with the help of well proven test systems. A team of trained FOH engineers feeds us with important information we use to keep our products responsive to the market needs. Internal CAD/CAM procedures allows the quick development of wave guides, cabinets, horns and compression drivers. FFT testing ensures that all those devices work in accordance with the expected technical needs of the product.

Components such as low frequency drivers are outsourced from selected manufacturers. Mid frequency drivers as well as high frequency drivers are designed, manufactured and assembled internally at Lange Loudspeakers facility. All electro-acoustic and mechanical performances are simulated, studied and refined in order to meet specific criteria.The use of NdFeB through most of our drivers allows an important weight reduction . In fact when comparing ferrite and NdFeB magnets with the same magnetic induction in the gap, the results shows that NdFeB transducers are 3 to 6 times lighter than ferrite.

Complex parts, such as wave guides, diaphragm molds or phase plugs are drawn internally, produced in Switzerland by skilled mechanical engineers trough modern, high tech CNC machines. This enables to change or tailor specific geometries immediately, without the need of new, costly moldings. Production of the wooden parts, such as cabinets & low frequency horns is accomplished by extensive use of computer controlled CNC routers. The exclusive use of Finnish birch on all cabinets is a guarantee for long term stability and durability on the road.

Final testing consists of endless listening sessions beside to testing trough the most modern test equipment available including MLSSA test system from DRA Laboratories and other more advanced PC based systems. We put in all the necessary hours to  ensure that the customer will receive an item that allows enjoying music; the better the recording, the better the result cause loudspeakers at Lange Loudspeakers are no longer the weakest ring in the chain.

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