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As a privately owned and fully independent company, Lange Loudspeakers has been established by Hans Andrea Lange, original founder of Delta Loudspeakers back in 1992 and designer of all its product range until june 2005; The company addresses a range of application needs for the continually evolving consumer and professional audio products marketplace. Across its comprehensive product portfolio Lange Loudspeakers preserves its hallmark value proposition to deliver the best performance possible.

Over the years, Lange's projects have gained substantial recognition for their accurate sound reproduction as well as their inherent standard of quality. As Lange Loudspeakers Ltd. moves into the future, it will continue to keep an eye on the past. As the industrial design of our products continues to advance to keep up with the times our technological approach remains focalized on solid and well proven theories established when audio was young.

Hans Lange - AES Member

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