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MHF Horn 1481-8A
Coaxial Horn Loudspeaker - Preliminary


  • Discotheques
  • Touring sound reinforcement
  • High quality installations
  • Sport venues and arenas


  • Lange Loudspeakers designed HF drivers with neodymium magnet
  • Passive option available
  • Extended, smooth frequency response
  • 4x 8" ND drivers with 3" Voice Coil, 1x 1" ND driver with 76 mm coil
  • 50° Horizontal, 55° vertical (-3dB)
  • 1200W AES Mid frequencies, 75W AES High frequencies
  • Exceptional sound quality

The 1481-8A Horn Loudspeaker includes four 8” mid frequency drivers with 75 mm voice coil and one 1” ND High Frequency driver with 76mm voice coil. It is a very powerful unit radiating within a 50° V x 55° H angle. Released in 2014 this speaker includes an uncommon 1” driver developed by Lange Loudspeaker. The driver has an 1” throat yet includes a large 76 mm coil/dome assembly resulting in excellent high frequency response combined with a remarkable frequency extension.

An advantage if compared to other multiple horn design is the fact that the entire frequency range is emitted from one single, large horn. The two way design can be achieved thanks to the extended and smooth frequency response of the high frequency driver included. Mid frequency throats have been placed away from high pressure, high frequency radiation areas, allowing better directivity control. High excursion capabilities of the four mid frequency drivers coupled to a considerable total diaphragm area allow excellent extension down to 70Hz. The large mouth area and size of the horn also contribute to maintain efficiency to very high levels. Compared to multiple horn designs the 1481-8A has considerable advantages in directivity control, efficiency and frequency extension.

Critical parameters such as reproduction fidelity as well as superb high frequency performance have been maintained as a standard feature typically found in Lange Loudspeakers mid-high frequency horns. The 1481-8A is available with no hardware and handles for fixed installations. It is best paired with our H718 & H721 low frequency horns.

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