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Line Array L212
Line Array Module


  • Optimized for long throw applications
  • Large scale events
  • Touring sound reinforcement
  • Large fixed installations


  • Clarity, intelligibility and precision
  • Constant tonal balance
  • Compact and light
  • Seamless integration with other Lange loudspeakers products
  • Specifically designed Wave Guide, engineered by Lange Loudspeakers
  • Double 12" ND LF High Excursion drivers with 3" Voice Coil, four 5,5" High Power dedicated MF ND drivers and three high efficiency 1444-8T High Frequency drivers
  • Robust and easy flying system, reduces setup time to a minimum
  • Front mounted dolly allows easy transportation via quick push handles

The L212 is a three way speaker designed for curvilinear arraying. Each module has enough power reserve (145 peak SPL @ 1 meter) for high impact, long throw application in large venues. For very large venues the L212 will even be scalable with other Lange Loudspeakers products.The L212 includes two 12" low frequency ND drivers with 76 mm voice coil. Four high power 5,5” ND MF drivers are placed in close proximity of the HF radiation area, thus allowing excellent horizontal coverage without interferences.The heart of the L212 line array is its wave guide. Lange Loudspeakers designed a specific wave guide for the L212 that emits isophase wave fronts.

The well proven L208 wave guide has been customized in order to achieve identical performance with increased output thanks to a third HF driver; The L212 line array source provides high SPL, solid LF performance thanks to the high excursion capability (Xmax) of the two high excursion 12” drivers selected and constant tonal balance over distance. Frequencies above 10 KHz are smoothly reproduced morphing a cylindrical wave shape.

The vertical coverage angle is defined within 11 different positions, from 0 degrees to 10 degrees.Careful listening tests enabled the development of a very pleasant sounding device. DSP Intervention is reduced to a minimum. After several years on the market the L208 DSP settlings has been refined and reduced to minimal interventions.

The Lange Loudspeakers L212 line array offers a very attractive price to performance ratio. Cabinets are manufactured with multi-ply Finnish Birch, the wave guide is composed by a CNC milled nylon block while the suspending system is composed by CNC milled Ergal elements, polished and anodized in black.


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